Educational Exchange Program

Introduction to Modern Manufacturing

July 1998 Sponsored by

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In July 1998 I spent 5 weeks in Irapuato, Mexico, teaching a course to various instructors who were from all over the country of Mexico.  I have tried to capture many of the images from pictures I took during my stay.  This was the third such trip that I have taken.

The course went well and as usual the people of Mexico treated me as part of their family.  Many of the pictures do not have any captions, they are just pictures for you to enjoy.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the individuals who helped make this a wonderful experiance.

Overall General Pictures
My Birthday
The Workers
The Students
The Student's Pictures
The Student's Web Pages
My Office in Celaya
The Dogs at the school
The Celaya Plaza Hotel
More of the Celaya Plaza Hotel
The Santos Family
Dr. Fawson's visit

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