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Machine Technology Program
1313 Twelfth Ave.
San Diego, California, 92101
Here are the links for the "On Line Classes" that we will be using, during the time our District closes the on campus classes.  All classes will meet "On Line" at their normal day and time using Zoom.  Click on Link below to join class.   Here is a "Getting Started" PDF File for Zoom.
Jack Bollinger's Classes: Mike Buerger's Classes:   Password:4011
Leonard Campbell's Classes: Arnel Canja's Classes:      Password: 0
Pat Dorris's Classes: Matt Greenberg's Classes:
Joshua Perry's Link: Cory Segura's Link:
Rodney Sohn's Classes: Zoom's Main Page

***** Note: Mike Buerger's Zoom class is working at this time.  If you are in Mike's day class, and can't log into his class, log into Jack Bollinger's Zoom Class for attendance on Thursday, and Friday, at your regular class times.  Log into Arnel Canja's Thursday night class for attendance.  Arnel will still be holding the Friday night Zoom class for the 140 Class.

To join Zoom meeting for Jack's Personal Zoom :    Administrative User Password:  Columbia50         Meeting ID: 603 934 2706           Password: 0WwvVr           Numeric Password: 526638

Updated;  04/23/2020

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